Workout Design & Remote Coaching

Success with health changes requires four things: a good plan, knowledge, encouragement, and accountability!
I offer  a unique coaching program that includes personalized fitness designing and nutritional help, using email, phone, and online video conferencing.
Going to the gym with no personalized plan?  And don’t want to pay the fees for personal training each week?

I can help you get a plan for your goals.

Confused about what area to focus on for your health or fitness needs?

I can help you come up with specific goals and steps to focus on.

Not getting results and don’t know what to do?

I can help you with meal planning and nutritional changes, and making sure you have the right workout plan.

Have injuries or physical limitations and are afraid you’ll get worse?

I have experience helping people through a wide range of limitations and injuries.

Want to work out at home and have limited equipment?

I trained people for years to work out at home and specialize in working out with little to no equipment.

Remote Coaching Fees: 

Initial Set Up/Consultation:  $150.00 USD (105 JOD) (includes initial assessment forms review, a one hour consult via phone or video conference, and the first month’s personalized fitness program).

Hourly Remote Coaching Fee: $35.00/hour (24.50 JOD) (for any time put into workout design, phone or video conferencing, and nutritional help).  This fee is used when estimating help in these services.

Don’t put off your health any longer.  Let’s get started!  Fill out the form below and we’ll discuss how I can coach you.