Craig doing "The 7 Rules of Healthy Eating" Presentation- 7-8-2014

Below is a list of some topics I can do both live and via online webinar format.  If you have another topic you’d like me to speak on for your audience, you can request it by visiting our contact page.

  • The 7 Rules of Healthy Eating (2 Part Teaching)
    • This is one of Craig’s foundational teachings for approaching food and the keys for success.  It is recommended for any audience.
  • “Offer The Best”
    • This class has been offered as a follow-up teaching to the 7 Rules of Healthy Eating (i.e. part 3 of a series).  It focuses on 9 foods to eat regularly, looks at some of the health benefits of each, as well as some of the “copy cats” of each food to avoid.  “Offer The Best” is an acronym Craig and his wife Amy made to help you remember the foods discussed.  These two teachings form the backdrop to Craig and Amy’s cookbook they are hoping to release soon!
  • How To Battle Colds and The Flu
    • Every year millions of people get colds and the flu, and many people only think of the symptoms and how to get rid of them, but do not consider the cause and their immune system’s role in sickness.  This class focuses on the immune system and how to strengthen it naturally to prevent or shorten the length of colds and the flu.  As all Craig’s teachings do, it looks at the causes of the symptoms and how to address the root cause, rather than just treating the symptoms.
  • Snack Attack
    • Looks at how snacks can both help you and hurt you in quest for health and fitness.  The class gives examples of good and bad snacks, as well as some of Craig’s recommended packaged snacks in stores right now.  It also looks at making your own easy and healthy snacks at home for you to grab on the go, bring to work, or gives the kids.
  • The Five Factors of Fat Loss
    • This class introduces five key areas needed to produce a foundation to have success in a fitness program.  Craig shows why each of these factors should be present, reducing the chance of failure in your efforts.
  • Fit in 4
    • The number one excuse people have for not working out is not having enough time!  Craig shares an exercise program he developed to meet this challenge, and it involves doing shorter workouts in as little as four minutes a day.  Based on the Tabata method of exercise, Craig shows the science and history behind the popular method of workouts.  Craig explains several benefits to this program when working out at the gym, at home, or when traveling in a hotel room.  He also shows how you can use this method for beginner, intermediate, and advanced exercise, and how to organize workouts around this method to make them longer or shorter.  This class is an excellent way to start exercise with little to no equipment, and also great for creating a new challenge for those already in great shape!
  • Sleep, Stress, and Exercise


    • This class came out of Craig’s long time interest in improving his own sleep patterns, and seeing how exercise and stress were both strongly related to sleep.  The class examines the connection between all three for a person’s health, and offers insight to a major societal problem of sleep deprived people struggling with stress and poor sleep quality.
  • Move it or Lose It:  How We Age & Our Need To Be Active
    • A sedentary lifestyle causes devastating effects on your health, far more than most people realize.  The choices we make to be active or not will affect us the rest of our lives.  This class empowers people to see the “why” behind the need for physical movement, and also how the body responds when we do exercise and stay active.  The class challenges people who are sedentary to get active, but it also gives an experienced exerciser a lot to consider about their activity levels outside of their schedule “workout.”
  • Strains, Sprains, and Pains – Preventing, Assessing, and Treating Injuries in Everyday Life
    • Everyone deals with injuries, whether they are caused from a workout/sports related event, or from a lack of movement!  Either way, injuries can affect your ability to function at work and in everyday life.  They also affect your ability to exercise consistently, which can be very frustrating for the active person!  This class identifies the two types of pain or “stages” of an injury, puts injuries into perspective, gives self-treatment plans and things you can do to reduce your risk of injuries, and when to get checked by a doctor.
  • Preventing and Alleviating Low Back Pain
    • Back pain is the most common area of pain for people today, and Craig has seen a lot of people with chronic back pain.  This class is both a seminar and a workshop format class.  The most common causes of back pain are discussed, top tips are given to help alleviate back pain, and the best exercises for preventing back pain are illustrated (and practiced by the audience if desired).  Personal help is given by Craig in this class as people are practicing the light exercises.
  • Food Labeling: Choosing What to Buy!
    • Craig helps to understand the layout of a food label, and how to identify what he calls the “red flags” in the ingredient lists on a label.  In this class you will look at specific labels yourself and decide if you would purchase that product or another alternative.  He identifies the specific brands of foods that are better, and how to choose between two (or more) products that appear to be the same item.
  • The HcG Diet:  What Is it?  Does it Work?
    • Craig overviews this popular diet originally created by Dr. ATW Simeons in the 1970’s to treat severely obese patients.  A modernized version of the diet has become popular in recent years.  Craig has used some of the principles of this diet himself, and has seen training clients who decided to do various versions of it as well.  Craig sorts through Dr. Simeon’s main book on the diet, overviews the 3 types of fat mentioned in the book, and introduces the modern-day forms of his diet and shares his personal experiences with it.
  • Cholesterol:  Life Giver or Life Taker? 

Cholesterol Picture

    • When Craig first gave this class as a webinar presentation, he received some of the most positive feedback he has gotten on any of his classes.  This class challenges the mainstream view on cholesterol and what people usually associate with even hearing the word.  It looks at the basics of what makes up cholesterol test numbers, why cholesterol is often misunderstood, as well as the types of cholesterol and what they do.  It then asks the question: can your body over produce it and why?  And finally, it looks at the effect that your diet has on cholesterol levels and specific ways that may help regulate it.
  • Introduction to Fasting: The Benefits, The Methods, The Science
    • Ben Franklin said “to lengthen thy life, lessen thy meals.”  Fasting has become a popular subject in the fitness and nutrition industries in the last several years, and people are discovering they can use fasting as a tool for fat loss.  But is it safe?  What types of fasts are good?  Craig draws upon more than 15 years of personal experience with various forms of fasting, and having seen clients use different methods of fasting for enhancing their health.   The class addresses many of the myths about fasting that have come from the fitness and food industry, and looks at topics such as fasting and your metabolism, fasting and exercise, different types of fasts, and practical how to’s for fasting.


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