Personal Training

Craig with Equalizer

Individual Training:

This the best way to get individual help with your fitness and nutrition goals!

  • Price: Ranges from 14-20 JD per private session (depending on program details)

Small Group Training:  BEST VALUE!

A motivating and fun way to stay in shape!  Grab a couple friends and let’s form a small group of 3-5 people with similar goals and abilities.  Classes offered for men, women, and children.   NOTE:  This program is not a group “aerobics” class like you might take at a gym.  It is a customized private group who train together with the fitness instructor assisting each person as needed.

  • Price: Ranges from 7-9 JD per session (depending on program details)

Schedule Your Free Consultation!

After filling out some initial forms and surveys, we will look at your current fitness goals and any health concerns you may have.  I will get to know you better and you will get to understand me and some of the ways I have seen success in helping people.  I will then make suggestions as to what course of action I would recommend for you.  

  • Price: FREE

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