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Note:  Throughout the website, portions of testimonies are shared.  This page contains longer versions of those stories and testimonies, both in Jordan and in the United States. 


Personal Training/Fitness Clients:

“I would say that investing with Craig at age 69 has literally delivered me out of a tempting spiral to sit around and accept what age & inactivity do to someone.

A spark of hope came along when I was invited to join one of Craig’s ladies’ exercise classes and did not hesitate.  I knew as an RN that inactivity causes sarcopenia (losing muscle leading to fat gain) and that my diagnosis of Osteoporosis needed to be reversed, if at all possible. Not to mention that a debilitating Rotator Cuff injury needed assistance to heal along with a former severely torn ankle tendon, prior knee injuries from skiing needed strengthening and a hip which I had fallen on three times also needed repair. I knew this would help my emotional life as well and so chose over and above my introvert tendency to withdraw.

Beginning with a very professional personal survey and assessment, Craig designed a program from where I was then (pretty inert, but having been quite active most of my life).

Yes, there were days I struggled to show up. But, for the most part, I overcame and began to slowly rise from stagnation, experiencing more stamina and strength all around. The Rotator Cuff injury became noticeably improved with increased ROM and less ache, the other joint aches disappeared, the chronic stiffness in the ankle disappeared.  Then I sustained a knee injury that set me back. So, I addressed it by moving to an individual workout program with Craig following an infrared sauna session.

My experience (with Craig) lines up with my experiential knowledge that natural approaches to health are gentle, gradual and very real! If you stay with them, one day you wake up and suddenly you are well. One day I remembered that the infrared sauna detoxifies one from heavy metals – for example, mercury bonds with Candida in the body….so I know that I am addressing multiple issues while happily sweating away! The knee injury had noticeable improvement within 2-3 weeks, 90% healed in another 3 weeks and up to 99% healed in another 3 weeks! During the whole process of strengthening, Craig has offered just the right amount of joyful encouragement & sensitive challenge within real limitations to work needed muscles.

I know he is utilizing the latest methods to acquire the greatest results. Where I am weaker, he makes proper note and designs just the right sessions to address these areas. Where I am stronger naturally, he continues to strengthen. And, because of my age, he designs balance and reflex optimizing sets as a very critical part to a Senior’s propensity for falls. Yes, I still get pleasantly sore at times, but I am graduating to greater challenges: more squats, more push ups, heavier weights, more resistance bands, strengthening my core and abdominals, better cardio conditioning, and much more positive emotions. Recently I was able to walk/climb up a rock mountain at Petra to the top. An intense workout, yes-but so worth the accomplishment, it’s a great feeling!  I have not needed weight loss per se, just building muscle strength and endurance, shaping and defining muscle groups and working on lessening abdominal stress-fat. So, besides his professional knowledge to design and teach a proper exercise, and tailor either to a group or an individualized program, Craig is just plain fun to be around! Always “up!” And always “up” on the latest in health, strengthening and nutrition. Always has an inspiring morale for the day, wonderfully creative! His own disciplined personal commitment to staying fit reflects in the whole of his life, his family, his community and his relationship with his GOD.

I would recommend him hands down, no questions asked!!!!! You won’t be sorry!!!”

Julianah S. (female) – Aqaba, Jordan

“Craig is a kind and authentic man who truly cares about his clients.  I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to meet Craig and for him to share his motivation with me.  He is an excellent trainer. He has helped me get stronger, lose weight and fine-tune my eating habits.  His program was perfect for me and my needs.  I was in a group class but my program was personalized to my capabilities and fitness goals.  He also offered a monthly assessment session which provided me the opportunity to review my progress and to work out any challenges I maybe was facing.  Craig has the ability to motivate and push anyone beyond their self imposed limits.”

Dawn K. (female) – Greensboro, NC

“I had back surgery a few years before (working with Craig), and I was warned that I might not ever be able to do impact-causing exercise like running again.  Craig was willing to work with my schedule and started me out slowly.  For the first six months he designed a program to strengthen my back and build up my stamina.  Then he introduced to my running and walking intervals.  A year later there was a competition (run by Craig) for the most miles walked or run in one month at work, and I not only was able to participate, I won it.  I have been a runner ever since.  I am down to the weight I had in high school (I’m 63 years old now), and I have excellent blood pressure.  I can honestly say the Craig has added years to my life.”

Jarn H. (male) – Charlottesville, Virginia

“It’s been a great experience – I’ve learned a lot about the safe way to train with weights and have maintained consistency.  The sessions are great.  You are a great coach and I truly appreciate the positive support.  You know exactly how far to push without going overboard..”

Lea C. (female) Winston-Salem, NC

“Craig did training sessions with me individually and as part of a group at work for more than four years as part of our company Wellness Program.  In just the first two months, I was able to add over 4 lbs. of lean muscle without increasing my fat percentage at all.  I have improved my strength, flexibility, and stability.  With proper diet and the fitness program Craig’s lead at work, my results and overall fitness knowledge increased.

He regularly designs workout routines for me to help me continue to reach my fitness goals. When we can’t do in person sessions, he video chats with me to show me exactly how the exercises need to be done and if I need help he’s always there to assist. He does a great job of addressing any concerns I may have and assessing what I need. He follows up to make sure that I am happy with my routines and is always on top of when it needs to be switched up.

I’ve been lucky enough to call him my trainer and also my friend.”

Brandon S. (male) – Greensboro, NC

“Craig was very good at listening to my needs and designing a program that worked for me.   With his guidance and a lot of work I dramatically improved my health by losing over 40 pounds and increasing my strength.”

John Vincent T.  (male) – Greensboro, NC

“Your enthusiasm has been great.  You always seem to make each workout different and that helps a lot.”

Mike Hugar (male) – Advance, NC

“From our first meeting I was impressed with the ability of Craig to make this experience work for me.  He understands the demands of a stay at home mother and was able to coordinate our work out sessions and make adjustments as the need arose.  He was very upfront and honest about goals and expectations.  The life changes that I have made have brought improvement in my daily well-being.  I enjoy our sessions because Craig is able to find the motivation I sometimes lack.  He pushes me to the point that at the end of our work-out I am left with a feeling of accomplishment.”

Holly L. (female) -Winston Salem, NC


Live Classes & Webinar Participants:

“Craig assists us remotely as a contractor counseling employees on nutrition and exercise as well as providing very informative weekly audio teachings and quarterly webinar training sessions.  Craig has always stayed on top of advances in fitness, nutrition and the wellness industry.  He is excellent in communicating helpful information in an engaging manner that gets the attention of the staff and keeps them interested during the presentations.

A great example of how his presentations get your interest and really give you helpful information was his webinar class on Cholesterol.  From the very title, “Cholesterol:  Life Giver or Life Taker?” he got the attention of the staff and brought high attendance for the webinar.  Craig’s presentations are structured so he is asking questions throughout to get involvement by the participants.   Craig did a great job in relating seven steps for how individuals can regulate Cholesterol without drugs, which was new information for most of the participants.”

J.V. Townsend, President of Pay-Tel Communications, Greensboro, NC

“He provided a lot nutritional education that I am grateful to have. He would even do fun nutritional classes to aid employees in becoming healthier eaters. He would often make things for us to try during the class, provide recipes for us to take home, and tell you exactly where the best place was to purchase what you needed.”

B. Solomon, Greensboro, NC


Nutritional Coaching:

“Craig is the complete package when it comes to managing a fitness program.  He is not just a personal trainer running you through a set of exercises; he understands how the body works and the nutritional needs for you to meet your own fitness and weight loss goals.”

D. Kennedy, Lexington, NC


Worksite Wellness Testimonies:

“Craig Ryan served as the Wellness Director for Pay Tel Communications in Greensboro, NC from December 2007 to December 2012, when he moved to Tennessee.   Initially Craig worked as a contractor to organize a Wellness Program for a staff of thirty-two (32).  He created a Fitness Center in a 900 square foot area in our warehouse complete with  commercial grade equipment and various workout tools.  In this facility he created a complete Wellness Program including: 1) Structured workouts for groups; 2) Individual workouts; 3) Nutrition counseling for individuals and groups.  One of the highlights of the first year was a series of “Lunch and Learns” where Craig provided twelve weekly seminars entitled: “Metabolism Make-Over.”   The company provided the lunches with healthy food choices and Craig provided a very helpful manual which each employee studied before the lesson and used to prepare follow-up assignments.  In 2008, as Pay Tel prepared to move to a larger facility, Craig, now our full-time Wellness Director, designed a complete new 3500 Sq Ft. Wellness Center including a 2,000 sq. ft. fitness facility with  20 pieces of commercial equipment, a Wellness Library, massage room, sauna and male/female locker rooms with showers.  In this new facility Craig expanded the program to include more activities and involved many more employees including our off-site employees. (Our employee base during the five years Craig was with us more than doubled up to 75 or more.)  

Because of Craig’s hard work in creating an industry leading Wellness Program, Pay Tel received First Place in the “Health Care Heroes” competition in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina.  This competition was for the Best Overall Wellness Program.  Craig was instrumental in inspiring our employees to focus on Wellness and make positive lifestyle changes to become involved in programs to improve their overall health.  Craig has been able to work well with male and female staff at various levels of need from very fit employees training for an event to non-fit employees just looking to start getting active.  With the Wellness Program Craig designed and ran, we were able to achieve significant employee participation enabling us to qualify for a discount on our Insurance Premiums with Blue Cross Blue Shield.

From 2013-2014, Craig assisted us remotely as a contractor counseling employees on nutrition and workouts as well as providing very informative weekly audio teachings and quarterly webinar training sessions.  Craig has always stayed on top of advances in fitness, nutrition and the wellness industry.  He is excellent in communicating helpful information in an engaging manner that gets the attention of the staff and keeps them interested during the presentations.

Craig is a dedicated Wellness Professional that can truly help any individual or group improve their health through exercise and improved nutrition.  I would strongly encourage you to share your needs with Craig and learn how he can help you attain your Wellness Goals.”

John Vincent Townsend, President of Pay-Tel Communications, Inc., Greensboro, NC

“In addition to the exercise programs he designs, Craig also publishes a weekly talk on healthy living.  He has covered subjects from nutrition to poison ivy.  He also creates an hour-long seminar about once a quarter, and they are very well researched and presented.  The last one was about Cholesterol, and I had many misconceptions corrected by listening.  His approach is to identify the root cause of illness and look for ways to make healthy choices to avoid issues in the first place.or the last year Craig has continued to design my workouts, which I use at the local gym and at home.  Using remote software and webcams, he is able to check in with me regularly and adjust my workout accordingly. I have stayed motivated and consistent because of his efforts.”

J. Heil, Charlottesville, Virginia

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