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Craig recording a "5 Minutes to Better Health" update

“5 Minutes to Better Health” is my audio teaching program on everything health and fitness. 

Each teaching or series is listed alphabetically by subject/topic, except the most recent ones will be at the top.

Please share your comments at the bottom of each teaching so readers can see it.  If you enjoy these teachings, please “like” this page below, and share this service with others you know!



*NEWEST TEACHINGS* (Not yet sorted below):
7 Rules of Healthy Eating Series:

ALPHABETICAL TEACHING SERIES (sorted alphabetically):
Common Fitness Blunders Series:
Clean and Unclean Foods Series:


Fats and Oils Series:


GMOs Simplified Series:


Popular Foods You Should NOT Eat Series:


The Importance of Eating Together Series:


The 5 Factors of Fat Loss Series: 

SINGLE TEACHINGS (sorted alphabetically):


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