Do you want more energy? . . To get fit and feel healthy?

How about being free of back pain or aching joints and muscles?

Did you have an accident that you need to recover from, assured of the best healing?

Are YOU, or someone in your family, needing assistance in any of these areas? Did you answer yes?

Read on; I can help!

Who am I? My name is Craig Ryan.  I am from America and currently live with my wife and family in Aqaba, Jordan.  As a certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist, with more than 12 years of full-time experience, I have worked with many people transforming their ‘issues’ in to an improved quality of life, and can help YOU achieve the same.

In the privacy of my training studio, I can help with YOUR fitness and health goals. I offer training sessions, for individuals and small groups, with a natural approach, suitable for YOUR body.

I believe in exercising in a way that is safe on the joints and that increases the ability to function in everyday life. I don’t believe in quick fixes or gimmicks.

What sets me apart?  My experience!   I have worked with people from age 7 to 93 years, and everything in between.  I’ve trained everyone from college athletes to beginners, all different physical abilities.  I can even train and educate you in a way that aids your body through the aging process.  I truly enjoy helping people who are motivated to make changes in their life and seeing them achieve their goals! If YOU are living in Aqaba, Jordan I will give you the same opportunity to get FIT in JORDAN!

If you’re ready, I’m ready.  

Let’s get started towards getting YOU stronger and healthier!

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